My vision of Leadership

The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.                                                                                       … Continue reading My vision of Leadership


Leadership and Change

Nowadays, the business world is highly competitive, thus change must be a naturally occurring activity in a growing organization. In a fast changing world, organizations are reshaping themselves to become nimble and level to meet the needs of their customers. The world is changing every day, which can affect organizations at individual, group and society … Continue reading Leadership and Change

Leadership & Management Styles & approaches

Leaders are more important than managers in the context of ethical behavior, as management does not include definite moral and ethical dimension. One may accept that all managers are leaders, however, that is not right since a some of the managers don't practice leadership, and some individuals lead without having any administration positions. A few … Continue reading Leadership & Management Styles & approaches

The Challenge of Managing Diverse Team!!

“Strength lies in differences, not similarities”- Stephen R. Covey “Research has consistently shown that diverse teams produce better results and provided they are well led. The ability to bring together people from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, and generations and leverage all they have to offer, therefore, is a must-have for leaders” (Ibarra and Hansen 2011: … Continue reading The Challenge of Managing Diverse Team!!